I found out this year that another fun racing day has been added to the Kentucky Derby weekend of celebration. It’s called Thurby and yes, its a thing. And like most things that come to my attention, its actually been a thing for awhile and I’m just now coming around to knowing it. But don’t feel too bad for me; after doing a little digging, it seems as if that was kind of the point. Thurby is the locals’ new best kept secret and their quasi replacement for Oaks Day.

Historically, the day before the actual Derby Race, Kentucky Oaks Day, was the more “relaxed” day of the weekend. Crowds were typically lower and the atmosphere was a bit more laid back and easy going than Derby Day. Over the years, the draw for the more laid back Oaks Day ambiance has turned it into a much more attended day and Louisvillians have been yearning to recapture the good ole days of a quieter, gentler Oaks. Hence, the birth of Thurby. Same amazing scenery, same thrilling sporting event(there’s 11 races to watch on Thurby) and same southern style food and fun….way less lines and crowds. Sounds kinda awesome. That is, until you have to figure out what to wear to now an additional day of Derby!

Have no fear, though, because one more day is no big deal for the stylists here at Olive You. We’ve got you covered, no matter what day you decide is your scene, or even if you plan on partying the entire weekend at Churchill Downs!

Let’s talk about this Thurby thing since, apparently, its the first day of the weekend long racing extravaganza we Kentuckians proudly own and love. Since the point of the whole creation is for a more relaxed scene, think dressy casual and no fancy hat or fascinator. Or perhaps a smart sun hat or straw Fidora is more fitting head gear for this Thurby day.

The theme is still classic southern style and fun, so we’re thinking floral is still a perfect fit. For Thurby, why not pair a flowy floral blouse with a bright pant instead of the standard sundress?

Or take it totally to the edge with this chic and unique solid jumpsuit with gold accessories. Slip on a feather Fidora and you’ve taken Thurby by storm.

If a dress is still on your mind, we are all for it. And we have one that will certainly feel dressed up but keep you enjoying that laid back comfort of Thurby day.

Thurby may be the new Oaks, but that Friday before Derby is still tons of fun! And its a great opportunity to be a part of the festivities with still a little less pressure and pomp and circumstance than the run for the roses.

Although you will still see tons of beautiful hats, Friday is the perfect day for a simple fascinator adorning your Oaks ensemble. We have fallen in love with the fascinators handmade for Olive You and created to match a ton of styles we have in store.

The big day is exactly what is sounds like, BIG! There’s a element of pageantry to Derby and its expressed in bright colored dresses, popping bow ties and fantastically big hats. The fancier the Philly, the better. And let’s be honest, if you’re going to attend the largest horse race in the nation and the most attended of the Triple Crown races, and you’re gonna do it in the South….what other way to do it than all out?

We could fill the pages of the blog with Derby attire, but why not just come and see us and let us play dress up with you? We are thrilled to have you bring in a dress you already have to find the perfect head accessory to match it as well.

Let’s not leave out those dashing Derby dates, either.

Whether its imperative he matches your style, or donning a statement all his own, the ties and bowties from Bird Dog Bay talk the Derby talk and walk the southern walk.

The secret is now out and you have all the tools you need for a Happy Derby 2017! From Olive You to you, best of luck at the races!