“And suddenly you know…it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

We are no strangers to change around here. We encounter a little bit of magic ourselves every time we change a mannequin, start a fun new event or open a box from a new brand. Some might be scared of constant change but we love it! We like to keep things fresh at Olive You. That is no secret.

This past year we took on a huge renovation and we couldn’t be happier with the result. It feels like it has always been this way and our customers seem to love all the changes as well.

The thing about change and new blessings is that it tends to bring a lot of activity and fun and no time to spare to share all the goings on with you! So thankfully, we have taken a minute to catch our breath and use this platform to introduce our fans to some new things and faces at Olive You!

First things first, our “new” digs! My favorite addition might be the shoe wall.

Yeah, it’s definitely my favorite.

But our new jewelry corner is pretty cool, too. There’s not a square inch of space that we aren’t in love with. Of course, we will move things around eventually, we always do!

Better than all the new space and finishings here at Olive You, we have welcomed three new members to the Olive You crew! Allow me to introduce you to the beautiful new faces greeting you in the store.

Lindsay Pelfrey

The “other” Lindsay at Olive You is a petite fashionista from West Liberty, Kentucky. She is a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University in the Occupational Therapy Department. Knowing body shapes is a skill she puts to work at Olive You every day! Lindsay’s darling demeanor and sweetly southern accent make everybody feel right at home and make the shopping experience much like hanging with a friend for the day. By the time you leave Olive You, you will know and love Lindsay and know how much she loves being an Aunt to her sweet baby niece!

Get to know Lindsay:

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? My favorite season is summer, but fall clothes are way more fun!

Studs or Hoops? Studs, for sure!

Accessory necessity? I adore my Kendra Scott Elisa necklace. In fact, I don’t think there’s a Kendra Scott piece out there that I haven’t loved!

Vicki Daugherty

She answers to a plethora of names but “Mrs. D”, “Vivi” or “Vicki”… and is always a perfect representation of style at Olive You. She is often decked in head-to-toe Olive You fashion, always accessorizing her look with the most adorable eyeglasses in a rainbow of colors! Vicki is a retired teacher and she teaches us daily how to put fashion pieces together in unique ensembles we hadn’t thought of before. She is an expert at layering styles and stacking accessories to highlight the fashion in the most wonderful and beautiful ways.

Get to know Vicki:

Everyday accessory necessity? Earrings! I always have to have my earrings on. When I taught school, I always kept an extra pair in my car, just in case I broke a pair or lost them during the day. Now that I’m at Olive You, I don’t have to worry. I can just borrow a pair from our displays!

Favorite Olive You brand? Favorite clothing brands are Show Me Your Mumu and Nic and Zoe. I absolutely love these two lines!

Favorite shopping partner? Definitely not my husband!!! (though I love him dearly). I would choose my granddaughter, Victoria as my favorite shopping gal pal!

Rylee Meyer

Rylee may be the rookie of the bunch but she has quickly become a beloved and invaluable member of the Olive You Crew. Rylee hails from the great state of Mississippi but joined her husband of 3 years when he transferred to Richmond to join the Athletic Department at Eastern Kentucky University. As we welcome Rylee to the family, she and her husband will welcome a new little one into theirs! She is due this summer with a bundle of joy! In the meantime, we know our customers will enjoy her kind spirit and fashion experience. She’s been in the industry for 5 years and we consider ourselves lucky that her most recent fashion stop is here at Olive You!

Get to know Rylee:

Favorite shopping partner? My younger sister, Chloe is so fun to shop with and for. She has the cutest shape and she always lets me style her when we shop. She is adventurous and fun and lets me choose things that are sometimes “out of the box.” She’s also brutally honest so she is my go-to person when shopping for the right styles for me as well!

Style identity? I would say that my style is somewhat “Bohemian.” I like the colors and details of that style genre but I definitely tend to gravitate towards pieces that are comfortable to wear, too. For a bit of a surprise I can sometimes throw on a skater skirt with canvas tennis shoes and a T-shirt!

Favorite shopping destination? Besides right here at my new home of Olive You? Well if we’re gonna go on a road trip here, I would go to Dunedin, Florida. This locale has an awesome collection of clothing boutiques, but even better is their home decor boutiques. They always seem to have the most interesting pieces, all in bright and beachy flavors. If I had the chance to live coast side, I would definitely shop there for my home away from home.

You gotta come visit us soon and meet our new peeps! And just so you don’t miss any more new happenings, bookmark our blog and come see us on here again real soon. You never know when another dose of “magic” is gonna be cooked up by the crew here at Olive You! 😉