So shopping for your summer swimsuit is a nightmare but picking out the perfect sunglasses for your summer style can be a piece of cake! We have done all the investigating for you and can match you with your sunglass soulmate in no time flat!

First, you gotta know your face shape. Yep, just like those pesky body shapes, there is a face shape category that we all fall into. There are several, but we have dedicated our search to four main shapes.


Do you have a square face shape? Square shaped faces are characterized by a prominent forehead and strong jawline. The measurements of the forehead, jawline and chin are all similar with more defined angles.

If that sounds like you, congratulations, girl, you have bold features that will be perfectly highlighted with curvier frames like the Cat Eye style or the Butterfly frame.


Round shaped faces are characterized by soft, contoured features and feminine lines. The widest point is across the cheekbones, and then it narrows a bit at the forehead and chin (which are also rounded). There are no hard angles. Does this sound like you?

Sweet lady, you can easily fit that round face of yours with great geometric shaped frames like the rectangle or horizontal shaped styles. A great pick would be the Wayfarer style.

Try on one of these for size!


How about the Oval face shape? Oval shaped faces are characterized by a rounded jawline and forehead. They are slightly longer than they are wide, and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. The sides of the face are slightly curved and there are no sharp angles.

Is this you? You got it good, girl, because just about any style of sunglasses will do! Rectangle frames are best suited to offset the soft lines of the oval shape. But if you are lucky enough to have high cheekbones, which is typical for oval shaped faces, try on upswept styles like the Cat Eye or Butterfly to compliment those cheekbones.


Heart shaped faces are characterized by a broader brow and narrow chin, which usually translates into awesomely high cheekbones!

That lovable face shape of yours deserves some pizazz, so pick frames with exaggerated bottoms like the Aviator or Butterfly style.

No matter your face shape, Olive You and Toms have the perfect pair of sunglasses. And though we love to help fit you with what the trendsetters say about the ‘perfect match’ for your face, we’re also happy to help you throw caution to the wind and pick a pair that despite their shape you just can’t live without!

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