It’s been awhile since the crew at Olive You has greeted our online audience and for that, we apologize! It is definitely not a reflection of how feel about you, it’s simply that the holiday season comes in like a snowstorm at the store and we can’t often find the keyboard for all the ribbon and paper!

Its’a new year though, and we’re turning over a new leaf. I hereby promise, to the best of my ability (and pending any real snowstorms that keep me from the keyboard) to deliver some serious style advice every month on! Starting today, with what’s new for the year 2018, both on the racks and at Olive You Boutique!

First things first, let’s talk brands: ones we can’t get enough of and ones we will be seeing for the first time here at Olive You!

Fall 2017 brought us Clara Sun Woo, a “classic meets modern” ready-to-wear line that literally FLEW off the racks here! We are more than thrilled to have them back for Spring 2018 and you will want to catch them while you can because the pieces go fast!

Also making an impression this coming Spring are the various brands of SHOES! When we renovated over a year ago we were so thrilled to have this (what we thought was huge) shoe wall for all of our fabulous footwear. Our shoe collection has grown so much that we can barely fit all the super cute styles on the wall! And Spring will be a colossal challenge; you won’t believe the number of slip-on styles headed our way. These snowy conditions have some of us crying for flip flop weather ASAP and this season’s crop does not disappoint! Coming up in shoe trends this season is the slide…tons of them in all sorts of fabrics and colors!

When it comes to jewelry, you pretty much know what to expect from Olive You. We’ve been loyal to several fan favorites and we have no intention of changing that. However, we’re kind of jewelry hoarders and when we run into a line of baubles that catches our eyes, we are not likely to turn the other cheek. Even if it means we have to do some expanding to our existing displays, we will make room for some awesome accessories and this season there’s a new kid on the block we think you’re gonna LOVE! That’s all I can share for now, so stay tuned to find out more about the new jewelry line you’re gonna be talking about the minute it hits our social media feed!

While new styles will be flooding our feeds, more looks we’ve loved will be going on sale here at the store. We don’t mind to share these beautiful pieces with all of you for bargains that won’t bust your Spring budget! We’ll make sure to leave lots of the season-to-come styles out for you to grab as well! And here to help you find the looks you love is a NEW member of the Olive You crew! Some of you may already know and love her, but we convinced her to share a little more fun facts about herself here on Check out Kinsey’s bio at Meet Our Team!

There’s so much to be excited for this year at Olive You but I won’t give away everything right up front! Keep in touch and we’ll do the same so you won’t miss a moment of fun at Olive You in 2018!